Who she is

My mother said I should have a birthday party. She said this is a very important birthday, but I don’t know why this birthday is very important but others aren’t. She said I should wear a dress and not slouch. She said I would be so pretty if I wouldn’t slouch, and boys would like me. She thinks that would be good, but I don’t understand why it would be good.

My mother bought me this dress because I like pink and red, but the dress has flowers on it and the flowers are not pink and they are not red and I don’t like them. There are 403 flowers. 403 is a funny number because its prime factors are 13 and 31. I told my mother that and she said it wasn’t funny, but I think it’s funny.

My mother says I should try to be more sociable. That’s why she is throwing this party, so I can be sociable. Sometimes my father says to my mother, “Why can’t you accept Cora for who she is?” He always says it very loudly, but I don’t understand what it means.

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