Moving Day

Bill drove the U-Haul, focused on the highway ahead of them, eyes occasionally darting to the side mirrors. Jack, sitting slumped against the window, appeared to be asleep.
They had not spoken for several hours. Although they rode in silence, Jack was keenly aware of every sound Bill made.

He noticed that Bill was a mouth breather.
He noticed that Bill seemed to have a lot of gas.

Jack’s knuckles were white from keeping his fists clenched.

Bill did not notice Jack’s knuckles.

“Gas light came on.” As Bill spoke he started edging into the right lane. “Do you care where we stop?”

Jack barely stirred.
“No” he said.
I hate you he thought.

Bill took the next off ramp and pulled into a cluster of chain restaurants and gas stations surrounded by scrub and farm land.

“This ok?” He was already pulling up to a pump when he asked the question.

“Fine” said Jack.

Bill hopped out of the truck and started to fill the tank.

Jack also got out of the truck,
and walked away.

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