Video chat

Jef1992: where did ur name come from
CoraReef: It’s a string instrument from Africa.
CoraReef: My parents were anthro majors in college :P
Jef1992: lol

Jeff thought the face smiling out at him from the screen was really cute. Model cute, like a girl in a lingerie ad who looks too innocent to be on the page.

Jef1992: y no sound? ur mic broken?
CoraReef: 3 little sibs & thin walls. I like my privacy ;)

The ASCII wink meant nothing, but her sideways grin and single raised eyebrow set his heart speeding. He wondered what her voice sounded like.

CoraReef: Hang on. Fam.

On her end, Cora turned the laptop away from her face.

“Cora? Sweetie? When will you come down to dinner?” called her mother.

“S-s-s-” she began. Sibilants were always the worst. She screwed up her face in concentration. “S-soon.” A light soprano note broke through her stutter. Back to the boy.

CoraReef: Sorry, I gotta go. :(
Jef1992: can I call u on the phone later?

Cora thought about her answer for a long time.

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