Always/Never OK

Believe me when I say
It’s not meant to be this way;
When you’re hot-glued in my brain
I tend to act a tad insane.

I want you, need you, miss you,
*We could be wrong, but babe I’ll kiss you
Til the night ends, if you let me-
*I’m even chill when you upset me.

I’ll suffer for you always,
’Though I hate it when you’re always
Gone away from me and always
Scapegoating it on me.

I’m not myself with you
But without you I get blue;
*And when I see you smile just right
I could eat you in just one bite.

I miss you, want you, need you,
*We should be stopping but I freed you
For a purpose, if you’ll have me-
*I love it hardcore when you grab me.

I’ll leave you alone never,
’Though I hate it when you never
Want to work it out and never
Have any trust in me.

Believe me when I say
*We weren’t supposed to be this way:
We’re supposed to be okay.
We aren’t now, but we just may.

*I have an extra syllable here… any suggestions? :-)

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