Murder Makes The World Go Round

Louie The Mutt sat in the back seat between his two former pals Alfonse and Roberto, the twins. It was dark outside the window of the speeding car, and being on a back road in Jersey didn’t help visibility.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Roberto was saying, “I tried to get the boss to change his mind.”

Louie just shrunk a little in his seat at the mention of the boss and tried not to think about what awaited him at the end of this – his last ride.

The car raced along through the Jersey countryside for another 15 minutes before anybody said anything else. Again, it was Roberto who spoke up.

“It’s nothing personal,” he said. “It’s just business.”

Louie didn’t comment. He knew he was a goner. If he was going to take a dirt nap, he’d rather have friends do it. He’d stolen fifty grand from The Outfit and it was well stashed. His wife and kids would be provided for. Better this way than the cancer that ate at his head.

6 months to live. HA! Doc just didn’t know.

Murder makes the world go round.

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