Bizarre Surroundings

Slowly, I walk towards the edge of the woods, looking for prey. I can’t smell a living thing but I can see the movement around me and I’m perplexed.

How can I see so much movement and yet not catch even a trace of their smells on the wind. Interestingly, I notice there really isn’t any wind either.

I pace back in the direction I came from, circling the area. Trying desperately to locate my prey.

I sniff the air and ground looking for even a hint of scent. Nothing.

Pacing, I notice that the weather never changes. It never rains here. How utterly bizarre. Something is wrong!

I pace back in my now familiar circle, getting very anxious.

Peering into every shadow, trying to place this unfamiliarity. Nothing has ever felt so wrong before!

A tray of something appears from a hole. Is that meat? Am I meant to eat this? How disgusting! It’s not even moving!

I back away from the tray only to bump into something unseen. What is this place?!

Why am I here and what is this invisible barrier!

I growl in horror!

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