Wanted Ads

“We’re working on it! Promise!”

That’s my job. I started on Craig’s List. My ad stated that I needed work and that I’d be willing to do anything. The next day I got a call from Shock Social Networking. You know that website that’s battling Facebook and Myspace. It turns out that they had accidentally deleted about 300 thousand user accounts from the site. This meant that of the 300 thousand account holders, approximately 280 thousand were calling the help line asking why they were unable to sign in. The other 20 thousand, as stated in statuses recorded before the accident, were vacationing or doing various activities that take a fairly large amount of time, such as jigsaw puzzles. Anyway, I was contacted to take their calls and offer the consoling phrase, “We’re working on it! Promise!”

Now I’m a professional, and am for hire if you are looking for someone with this expertise.

I have been hired by Nike, The President of the USA, Starbucks, as well as many other notable organizations.

Call: 1-800-555-7539

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