Be Gentle: They Are My Dreams.

Her hands shaking from the palsy that would eventually kill her, she folded the piece of paper in half. She scrawled on the front, Be Gentle. These were my dreams. She reached for her favorite book lying on her nightstand, and tucked it into the middle. She layed the book on her chest, crossed her arms over it, and closed her eyes.
They found her the next morning. The family replaced the book on the shelf from whence it had been taken.
When the excecutor of the estate thought it best to sell off the collection of books in the extensive library, the family thought it only fitting that they get to pick what they wanted to keep first. The only one who came to peruse the shelves was the teenage granddaughter of the deceased, Chloe. Her mother had told her to only pick one.
When she got home, she opened her book and a piece of paper fell out. She unfolded the note and read at the top: Things I Should Have Done in My Lifetime. And at the bottom was a quick note: To Chloe: Never let your dreams die.

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