Haunted and Tired

My dreams in the dark,
The thoughts that haunt me
Always leave a mark
That is easily seen.
The one I can’t find,
You’re always the centerpiece.
I’m walking along, blind,
In this search that won’t cease.
Walking away with no words,
Disappearing into the crowds.
You left me scarred, burned,
And unable to make a sound.
The silence, the emptiness
Is louder than the deepest drums.
Ears ringing, unable to balance,
Stumbling and trying to run
Toward the body lying there.
Slipping where the blood pools
I fall to my knees and stare,
Knowing it cannot be true.
Your lifeless eyes stare back
As if mocking and laughing.
Sharing with me a lack
Of life worth living.
Waking from these dreams
Afraid of being alone,
I open my eyes to see
That I’m still home,
That you’re still next to me.
I wrap my arms around you, so
Beautiful while you sleep,
Determined to never let you go.

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