After moving to THE CITY, everything became bigger; the two level McDonalds, the eight level shopping center, the thirty level office building, etc. Everything became faster, too.

In Ohio, I’d drive my car for 45 minutes to get to school. Then I’d drive 45 minutes at the end of the day to come back. This was my normal routine, but now I have an overlapping web of public transportation.

Should I take a bus?
The metro?
A taxi?
Should I walk?
Maybe I’ll bike.
I didn’t even know there was something called a Metrobus.

However, I actually find it a bit relaxing…to be amidst the busy, city life, and not be in a hurry. So my pastime has become riding the metro while studying. Before my last history exam, I took the metro from one end to the other, all across the map, several times, while reading the chapters in my Spanish History book. Proud to say that I passed.

What drives some people completely insane about the city, is what gives me sanctuary.

-Grad Up

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