Overcoming a Monstrosity

There was a ball that started rolling
A long time ago
Getting big, faster, stronger all the time
Distorting my vision, perception, reality

Some have tried to slow it, stop it
Refusing to let the monstrosity grow
And sometimes I was on their side
But other times I helped it live

Now recently I’ve remained on one side
Slowing this thing that is eating away at me
I never thought there would be a day
When I smiled at the thing I used to hate

Now my vision is jarring
Jumping between what I’ve always seen
And what was really there
Making my head spin

Because my vision and perception and reality
Is blending once again with truth
And final this monster
Is begining to shrink away

Numbers make it fact
Something sight cannot do
And while I am still fighting
It is a battle I will not lose

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