I Will Never Forget

I was in NYC back in ‘02 where I had the opportunity to help out a Kids Outreach Program in the heart of Brooklyn. The program called Metro Ministries puts on a program for 25,000 kids in the city, and it’s a great place to volunteer.

The moment that stood out the most was when I was visiting kids in Queens that were coming to the program the next day. Inside the apartment building in the hallways you could see blood and urine stains everywhere as the smell of pot overwhelmed me. At that point I was debating being there.

I went to one tiny apartment barely bigger than my dorm room that had 1 mom and 5 kids. The staff member I was with did most of the talking, but I talked to the kids a bit. Nothing much though.

The next day those kids came to the program, and had only one request. Out of anything or anyone they could ask for, they asked for me.

I was quickly found and when I saw those kids light up and run to me, when they saw me, was the most rewarding moment of my life.

I will never forget it.

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