The Wisps Part 1

This is my favorite story, said to “reek of classic Poe.”

Ever since the day of my birth, the wonders of the human heart has fascinated me to no end.

The way it beats.
How fluently it pumps gallons of that rich fluid through endless arteries.
How easily it can be stopped.
I couldn’t help myself the first time I stole such a precious gem!
I was more than a little crazy. Drunk if you will.
Alas, but that night was wonderful.
Ah, Catherine. Your heart is forever mine.
Nevermore will the beating of your heart antagonize my sleep.
I carved it.
I carved it out.
The blood… oh, the blood!
The blood gushing through my shaking fingers. The blood spurting through my mind. The blood soaking through my clothes.
Was I panicking, you ask? Yes. Nothing short of it.
Ah, but how easily it comes now!
I can carve it so easily!
With but one sweep of my knife!
Catherine’s was but the first.
All the women beg to be with me.

I never refuse.

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