High Noon

A crow flaps its wings as it flies overhead Main Street. The sun just about at it’s pinnacle in the sky. George stands in the middle of the street waiting, hands on his belt. He looks up at the sun.

A crowd begins to gather along the street. There was no talking or chatter, just silence.

George looks at his pocket watch and sees it’s almost noon.

Footsteps interrupt the silence as Frank walks slowly down the middle of the road. The spurs jingle as he walks. George stares at Frank, ready.

“I’m glad you’ve arrived,” says Frank.

“I could say the same,” George replies.

“Shall we begin?” Frank asks stretching his arms in a welcoming pose.

George nods. Both men stare at each other, waiting for the church bell. Sweat beads begin to form across George’s brow. The showdown is about to begin. The bell begins it’s chimes. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..


“Ah damnit!” Frank says as the landscape changes to a bare room. “I can never get 5 minutes to myself!”

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