Forget Me

She was coming towards me, and despite my urge to flee the country, I knew I couldn’t avoid her any longer. Looking at her now made me feel sick. She wasn’t what disgusted me, it was what we had done, and looking at her was only a reminder.

She was so naive… If only she knew how much better it’d be for both of us if we left each other alone. There was no way we could suppress our feelings, so the only possible solution could be to completely forget each other. She was only a few feet away and I could see the murderous expression on her face.

“What’s it that I’ve done? Why have you been ignoring me? What the heck is it?” She asked not knowing whether to be mad or apologetic.
“Listen Beth. If you trust me then listen to me when I say we should just forget each other.” I hated being cruel to her but I knew it was the only way.
“How can it be better if we’re apart?” She said, tears welling in her childlike eyes.
“Beth…” My breathing became heavy. I just had to say it.
“I’m your brother.”

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