New Caledonia

A sea serpent traces its path through the sand.

Rain beats on canvas shoes.

A skull, lit white by torches, in shallow water lies.

A woman, full-lipped, creeps through the night to her dusky-skinned lover.

Rain beats on towels hung to dry.

Mosquitoes rise thick from the mangroves, silhouetted against bronze eggs.

A gecko pink on a bottled sun against the darkness.

Rain beats on packed bags.

A machete salute against a rune-etched tree.

Dead coils of thick roots brave the roaring seas.

Rain beats on leafy roof.

A car painted with red mud and black mud beneath the red.

A mad driver hits 130 and giggles.

Rain beats on white path.

A tumble of accents; Irish, Australian, Polish, French.

A reef, clean of waves and then battered by them, and the one-gloved figure in the abyss.

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