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Dear Girlfriend,

Thank you for having a boyfriend.
Feedback is an important part of our efforts to improve the quality of our service. Please take the time to fill out the short survey below.

1. Quality of dinner companion. Poor_ Fair_ Good X Excellent _
Comments: He also makes dinner every night. Would have scored excellent if he did not give me the stink eye when I picked out the carrotts.

2. Ability to handle sudden mood swings. Poor_ Fair_ Good _ Excellent X
Comments: Truly gifted.

3. Well developed and effective “moves”. Poor_ Fair_ Good _ Excellent_X
Comments: Inventive and has stamina.

Was there anything about your boyfriend that merits special recognition?
Bert is a great guy. He is funny, sweet, romantic and considerate. He lets me laugh with him and he lets me laugh at him. He nags me when I need it and hugs me even when I don’t. I would definitely get this boyfriend again.

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