Revenue Manager

You probably don’t even know I exist.
I’m hidden behind miles of fiber optic cable and a desk.
You won’t find my phone number anywhere.
My name does not appear on the website or in the brochure.
You will not hear my voice greet you as you arrive or thank you as you depart.
You won’t even know I was there.

But I was and I took something from you. Sorry about that, nothing personal.

When you first decided to go, you met me but I did not introduce myself.
When you checked the website, I saw you but you did not see me.
When you called, you did not speak to me, but I was listening.

I know where you live.

That great deal you found that was gone before you could find your wallet. I did that.
That offer that seemed to good to be true. Also me.

I watch you travel through cyberspace and through the airwaves. I listen and I take notes.

It’s my job, you see, to take as much from you as I can and give as little as possible in return.

You fight a battle with me almost everyday.
Sometimes you win.

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