You Got the Touch!

He surveyed the city, columns of smoke rising up from the decimated buildings. The fight had raged all night. He’d lost many soldiers. Victory was no longer possible. But he could get some punches in before the end came.

He triggered the conversion between forms and drove across the bridge from the landing platform to the burning city.

Barreling into the fray with a bloodlust, he slammed into three of the enemy, tossing them violently to the ground. Then, as the others turned to fire, he triggered the metamorphosis again and launched himself into the air.

Evading their clumsy shots, his experienced hand gripped the weapon and fired three precise energy bolts, dispensing of the attackers.

Then, he pivoted to see his nemesis in the shadows, waiting.

Megatron turned to face him, firelight reflecting off his metal body “Prime!” he shouted through the smoke with millenia of insatiable fury in his voice.

Optimus readied himself for their final battle and replied, “One shall stand. One shall fall.”

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