Ice cream

Eyes creem, eyes creem.” a man dressed in bright yellow repeats with a crude accent , following the scared tourist until a hungry kid distracts him.

The stranger’s peace didn’t last long, though, as he was quickly pulled by the arm into a shop to look at overpriced pottery and brightly colored ponchos . The reek of sweat, mixed with a strong smell of what is most likely coriander, quickly makes his face take a green shade. He excuses himself and tries to leave, but his terrible accent and his pale hair and eyes just make vendors more keen on selling things to him. He is unaware of his wallet leaving his pocket.

Once he finds peace, he lets out a deep sigh and asks for directions to a nearby woman.

“Oh, you Americans are always like that.” comments a man.

“You don’t sound very Peruvian to me.” answers the American, picking the English accent with ease. This only earns a verbal fight between the two.

Watching the scene, the helpful woman only chuckles and comments:

Ay, estos gringuitos…

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