Everything That Ends, 2

Thor’s fist collided with his attacker’s exposed abdomen, and the room was bathed in intense heat, a brilliant white light, and static. The thunder God’s hair stood on end, and the intruder crumpled to the floor. Thor approached, smiling, victorious, and stopped as the man stirred and slowly rose to his feet. For a moment he considered Mjolnir, and then decided against it. He would test this foe as a man would test a man, forsaking his godhood for the sake of battle.
The man’s face remained shrouded. Thor smiled. An enchantment? Surely this assassin fetched a high price. The god shook his head sadly. A tragic waste of valuable coin. The man charged, and his attack was surprisingly well executed.
It began with a feint, a left hook Thor easily dodged, and then a second feint, a right-handed jab he merely caught. The knee was unexpected, and sharp. It dug deep into Thor’s rib and he himself winded. He responded with a fierce blow to the chest and a vicious backhand with an echo like a thunderclap.

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