Officially don't wanna live anymore

Weird, I’m in pieces,
But I’m not broken, not yet,
Just falling apart!

It was a dull day outside with the naked trees so black against the wolf grey sky. No noise, no colour, nothing to wake me from a depressed stupour.

“I wanted to say sorry.”

He squeezes my hand tightly, and tries to smile. “It wasn’t your fault.”

I stare at him, at his beautiful blue liquid eyes. How could it not be my fault? It wasn’t like someone pushed me off the bridge.

“Nights are hardest.” I whispered. I needed someone to talk to even if they thought badly of me after.

“Yeah.” he nods. He isn’t looking at me and I don’t blame him.

“When there’s no one around and there just isn’t another way out.”


“And the worst thing is that nobody knows. All of the people around me go on living their stupid happy little lives and I have to smile while I’m…”

He sighed.

“I’m really sorry.” I said almost like I honestly was.

“Just promise you won’t try again.”

“Sorry.” I whispered. “I just don’t want to live anymore.”

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