Unfixable Jean

“What does that even mean?” Jean yelled. “I’ve seen you do it before! I know you can do it!”

Before Logan could reply, a medical team began to push their way through the crowd towards Jean’s mother. The team was led by Jean’s father. He leaned down and checked her vitals.

“She’s got a steady heartbeat,” he said to no one in particular. “Get her on the stretcher and we can check her further in the infirmary.”

He looked over and noticed his daughter. He reached out and grasped her shoulder.

“She’s going to be all right,” he reassured her. “She’ll be fine. She’s been through this before.”

He glanced over at Logan.

“You,” the word was coated in spite, “stay away from my daughter. Your kind isn’t welcome in this sector.”

“As you wish, sir,” Logan replied, and started to walk away.

The crowd parted as the medical team took Jean’s mother to the infirmary. Logan continued to walk towards the section of the facility where his fellow Garans were housed. And once again, Jean was all alone.

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