The Moment Adrian

Adrian’s oxygen was on empty after her starship was destroyed; rocketing her from the onslaught that had brought death to her home world and her crew. Now the weightless behemoth, twisting around its headless form, began making its way effortlessly toward her.
Moments passed as she let her ray-gun charge. She watched the planets drift below her. Her mind went back to the river in Yuma where she would float face down watching pebbles go by- imagining them as planets. Only, in Yuma the sun warmed her naked back; here, no star warmed her freezing body and the safety that she had felt in the river was all but gone as the creature moved closer.
One chance, she would say to herself, one chance to save the lives of all of humanity. The creature grew closer, reaching its tendrils towards her, hoping to catch her in a moment of her hesitation; but in its hesitation she saw the opening she had been looking for. Her heart in her throat, she stared down its only opening, strait at its heart and squeezed the trigger.

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