A Lover Scorned

Gerald sat and watched Jimmy and Rose play out the end of act two, loathing every minute of it. Jimmy, dressed in uniform, was just about to exit stage right when Rose ran past Gerald from stage left and screamed, “Roger, wait!”

“Julia” and “Roger” embraced and locked in a passionate kiss. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the curtain fell. When the play first hit the road, it was obvious they were acting, but now Gerald saw the obvious truth: they had fallen for each other.

When Gerald broached the subject in bed one night, Rose claimed that it wasn’t true, that her love was only for him. He saw right through the lie, of course; she wasn’t that great of an actress. Even if she had been more convincing, the provocative glances in Jimmy’s direction and gentle caresses on the arm betrayed her true feelings.

Gerald had endured the lies long enough. He pulled the gun from his pocket and replaced the stage revolver on the table next to him. When Julia killed Roger in act three, it would be for the last time.

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