The Jump

“You will never amount to anything”, he had heard the words many times. Through drunken slurs and angry screams. They had known the future like a fortune teller with a crystal ball. They had always known. He had lived up to there expectations; dropping out of school, collecting welfare, spawning babies like a cat in heat. He had no idea the number of children he had fathered and left as bastards. Like a prophecy chiseled in stone the predictions had come true. It seemed so certain the unfolding of his life until the incident. “Pray for Jesus to save you” the man had shouted. There was something powerful about those words. It was though the words were spoken directly from God to him. He knew he would pray and he knew it would change everything. He could feel the thawing of his cold heart and the excitement of hope. In exhilaration he jumped.

The crowd gathered around the body lying on the street each person with his own accounting. “He had tripped”, “He was pushed”, “He jumped”, it didn’t matter he was dead.

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