The End of the World as We Know it...

It’s funny, isn’t it? Go on, laugh.

For all those who worried about nuclear weapons or global warming, oh, sorry, climate change… all the different scenarios that presaged the end of the world. All those scientists and philosophers and environmentalists… go die in a fire… if you’re not already infected that is.

Because the world didn’t end in an explosion or the sounds of hurricanes and tornadoes. No flooding, drought or volcano.

We went out with a whimper, followed by the growls and grunts of soulless, brainless, heartless husks that now roam the highways and byways of the world. Not sure if it was a bug, a virus, an alien weapon, or a dictator’s mad science… and frankly, who gives a shit now?

You do what you have to do now to survive, get out of the hellhole that is this city, and maybe find somewhere that’s not overwhelmed with the walking, stinking dead.

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