Until Next Time

An empty text box. Staring at it isn’t making this any easier. I need to say this but I can’t find appropriate words to convey my feelings.

It’s been a very long road with this group. We have become very close, despite the physical distances between us all. We have shared our triumph’s and failings and cherished the time we’ve spent together.

I know that it’s believed that since we’ve not met, as they say, IRL that our friendship is somehow diminished. But I can not lie, this group of friends is as important to me as any real friends I’ve ever had.

I am not leaving because of them, and I know it sounds very cliched to say it, but it’s because of me. The time I have sent getting know every one of themhas meant the world to me, but this isn’t the place it once was.

I will stay around a bit longer but soon I will be gone. This will happen.

Perhaps instead of saying ‘Goodbye’, I will simply say ‘Until next time’.

I hope this is not the last time we meet.

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