The Chase is On!

It was a good thing he was so distracted, under normal circumstances, Rafferty would have known he was being followed. He’d spent far too much time in this business not to have picked up the skills necessary for survival.

Ava chuckled to herself as she drove down the busy street following his car. How she had outsmarted them all! No one had any idea that she had been setting this all up! It was all about to fall into place!

“Ah crap!”

He’d noticed her!

She’d gotten lost in her thoughts and had driven too close!

She sped up, closing the gap between them, knowing it was too late to hide in the shadows. She weaved around traffic, all to obviously chasing him down.

Just as she thought she might have a chance to keep on his tail, he power-shifted and the car sped off, far faster then her BMW could and he was out of sight!

Damn, she should have sabotaged his car before all this started.

She sighed to herself as she began to text the words ‘I lost him’ on her smart-phone.

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