Mysterious Prisoner

She enters the room with an air of arrogance, her green eyes flashing with mischief and red hair seeming to burn. A smirk plays with the corners of her mouth. The guard pushs her to the center of the room and hooks her handcuffs on the clasp glistening in the fluorescent lights. She doesn’t even struggle. Just keeps on smirking. The guard chuckles.
“I wouldn’t expect such impudence from someone who is about to die.” She laughs.
“I didn’t expect such big words from someone with a gross lack of intelligence.” She smiles largely, baring her teeth. The guard lunges for her.
“Marco!” The guard snaps to attention.
The newcomer walks into the room, face covered, holding a weapon. Without another word he points it directly at the woman’s head.
Her smile only gets larger as the amulet around her neck begins to glow with an eery inner light. A mist encircles her, hiding her body and freezing her captors in place. Barely a mintue passes and the mysterious mist dissipates, leaving only empty handcuffs.

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