Second Betrayal

I forced my face into a wide grin that started to hurt pretty quickly, and waved enthusiastically at Heather. “It’s Heather,” I whispered through gritted teeth. I saw Jake’s face contort into a similar forced smile as he got up and walked over to her.

He wrapped his arms round her waist and kissed her lightly, and my heart couldn’t help but sink a little bit.
It was only moments ago he told me he thought he loved me, and yet he would keep up the facade.

I could do nothing but blow bubbles into the milkshake as they stood there for what seemed like forever.

But then Jacob left and she came over to me, grinning from ear to ear. She leaned in close and whispered:
“I’m going to do it!”

“Do what?” I said absent-mindedly, totally focused on folding slurping up the milky froth. She looked so excited, and I couldn’t even look at her in case I burst into tears.

“I’m going to have sex!”

I started to choke on my drink. He couldn’t have suggested it, the day after he was unfaithful with me. Could he?

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