# 28 God's Light Touches the Earth

“A miracle!” the woman next to me whispered. The rain had stopped. I looked up from my washboard and pushed the soft cloth from my hair.

“It’s beautiful,” I sighed. All down the river men and women were staring in awe at the new wonder. Clothes floated down the river, abandoned in cleaning to gaze at the light. The river made the light bounce into the air, and cover the ground in a veil of gold. Arundel Castle, once so beautiful, seemed ordinary in comparison. Looking up, the skies had cleared. Someone had swam out to greet it. To see if it was some sort of trickery to fool us innocent bystanders.

But it was real, I knew. I felt blessed to see this. It may well be that we are the only people in the world trusted by God to see this.
And I think we all felt it. The light reflected in our eyes, catching the glass of the tears welling in them.

We had been granted a chance to see where the rainbow touched the Earth, and I hoped it would never leave.

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