Accidents Happen (2)

“Let’s play House again!” Nine year old, Charlotte, begs. Nicole stops commanding her invisible army and comes back to reality.

“You don’t like playing Castle?” Nicole asks a little disappointed. She loves playing Castle, especially when she’s the Princess. She knows she should be playing—er— ‘hanging out’ with her older sister, Marie, but she likes to hang out with the older guys; Marc, Ayden and Gabe, and she invites Nicole to ‘hang’ with them from time to time, but Nicole sneaks off to play with Charlotte instead.

“Okay,” Charlotte gives in once again and Nicole silently rejoices.

“Hurry, get our magic swords to fend off the monsters!” Nicole orders, and with a point of her finger, Charlotte is off and back with two magic sticks. But before they can fight off the evil monsters, they see three figures in the distance.

“The Princes!” They both yell as the figures approach.

“Girls, stop it. This is important,” Gabriel says with tears in his eyes, “Charlie isn’t moving back here anymore…”

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