Joey (4 letter story)

Joey was a good boy.

He did not want to play.
Life was not fun.

His mom and dad were not a team.

His best bud had left and he was sad.

He had a dog.
One day, he just lay down.
Just like that.

Joey was too sad to play.
His mom had a lady talk to him.

But he shut his trap.

His Dad gave him a ball.
He kept in his room.
He was too sad to play.

He saw a girl one day.
He saw her a lot.
She had nice eyes and nice hair.

She had a dog.

Joey did not keep sad, not with her in his eyes.
He pet her dog.

The girl was with him now.
Joey was not sad.

His Mom and Dad and the lady did not have to talk to him.
Life was good.

Joey was a good boy.

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