A Bold Plan for Employment

Washington, D.C. – Representative Sue Casi (I-PA) has introduced a bill to increase employment by firing several thousand Americans. The Decadal Millionaire Adjustment Bill would – once a decade – fire all individuals with a net worth in excess of one million dollars.

“The people with no money,” Rep. Casi explained, “are the ones who need jobs the most, not the people with money to burn. This bill, by forcing the early retirement of millionaires, will open positions for thousands of unemployed Americans while infusing new blood in our corporations.”

In the decade between “adjustments,” non-millionaires could become millionaires without penalty, but it would be illegal for the fired millionaires to earn a paycheck. Rep. Casi continued, “If they buy a couple yachts and their worth drops to $999,999, and they become worried where they will find their next meal, then they can rejoin the work force. But, as long as they have over a million, they don’t need a job.”

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