The opening line.

Andrew had FINALLY come up with a half decent title for the book, now he had to come up with a story.
It need to have an exciting start, he needed to grab the readers attention, something that would make them want to read on.

BOOM, the planet exploded

Maybe a bit too exciting.

Maybe he could go with something a bit more simplistic, yet intriguing.

In the beginning God created…

Maybe a bit too biblical.

Maybe he could do something different, maybe he could start at the end and work his way back.

and they all lived happily ever after, except for Fred, who was in prison

No, that was stupid. and who the hell was Fred?

Maybe the classic approach.

Once upon a time

Yeah that would be good, you can’t beat a classic, thats why everyone loves Doctor Who, It’s a classic.

He had his opening line and it was a beauty. You cant beat once upon a time.
Then he started at the screen.
“Once upon a time what?” He muttered to himself.
Clearly he had to give this whole writing thing some more thought.

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