The best story

This was it.
The fantastic story, he couldnt wait to see the reaction he got, He put so much effort into this. Everything he had went into this truly amazing short story.
His grammer was perfect, the story was beautiful, it was funny, intelligent, sad, romantic and it featured a time traveling KIller ninja robot from jupiter.
All of that fantastic prose squeezed into only 1024 characters.
Surely this must be the greatest story of all time.
He would publish it, sit back, and wait for the movie and TV deals to come flooding in.
He sat back and waited for ficly to do its thing.
He sat by his laptop waiting for the familiar ding of a received email. Waiting to see how many 5 out of 5 ratings he would receive. Waiting for all the praise, all the celebration at his genius, and of course the inevitable jealousy.
But he continued to wait, there was no ding of an inbound email, there was no praise, no celebration, no movie deal.
How is this possible?
This is the greatest story ever told.
What the hell was going on?

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