Chapter 1, Part 1: "Jeremy Lee"

He had come to New York for a reason. He was determined to make it in the world.

However, times had changed. He didn’t have the steady cash-flow that his old job at Isaac’s Burger Shack could provide, nor could he pay off his student loans. Columbia University gave him the boot after his second year. And now he can be found at the junction of Broadway and Liberty.

Stepping out of the limousine, the paparazzi began to swarm. Someone famous had arrived to see the “red cube”. That’s when Jeremy attacked. The notes sprang from his violin and ripped into the hearts of everyone around. His ballad of loneliness, self-written, echoed off of the tall buildings and fought his battle.

However his prey did not bite on the musical hook he was fishing with. The millionaire, or possibly billionaire looked at the statue of the red cube, waved at her driver, and reentered the limo.

Jeremy sighed. Of all the cold-hearted people who came to the statue, none would ever give him enough money to return to China.

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