Looking down at the CD in his hand, Jamie realized things had to change.

He was, simply put, getting too old for this.

He’d made too many choices based on his job. Many of those choices were horrible ones. The idea of going back to the tiny apartment and continuing on after this job was not a pleasant one. He didn’t want to go back to her.

She was one of those choices. One of the ones he’d like very much to take back. He’d given up Jules, out of some stupid James Bond like fantasy of adventure and romance. The truth of it was, sex does not equal romance.

He knew that now.

Maybe if he could just talk to Jules, he could make her understand.

He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and dialed the number that he’d never forgotten. The number that, even five phones later, was always in his address book.


The phone rang with a sense of anticipation matching his own. He struggled to think of the words that would make her listen.


‘Jules, it’s me. We need to talk. In person.’

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