Day 22: Assassin by Anna Myers

January 22nd

Bella’s mother dies when she is just a little girl and her father couldn’t handle her, so he sent her to live with his mother in Washington D.C. Her grandmother is a seamstress for the white house where Bella makes friends with a servant named Steven. Soon she find herself becoming an assistant to Mary Todd Lincoln. However Bella dreams about being part of the theater.

So she goes to the theater to pursue her career. It is there that meets John Wilkes Booth who is the most famous actor of his time. She is enchanted by him and forgets all about her blooming romance with Steven. He convinces her to help him with his plan. She believes that he has no intention of harming President Lincoln. However Booth will stop at nothing to accomplish what he wants even if it means putting Bella in harms way.

I guess this just goes to show what happens when you get involved with the wrong guy…

I saw John walking over to me and smiled.

I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about that.

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