My Mom is Gone

It’s my fault.

Every kid thinks that when his mother leaves, but this time it’s actually true.

My mom started writing on ficly two days ago under the nom-de-plume Real Estate Writer. She had a sappy, motherly bio, and some good ideas for stories. But, as a general, rule I told her that we shouldn’t comment on each other’s work. I just don’t need the pressure of knowing whether she’d want me correcting her work or not, and I didn’t want her to comment on every story I wrote (like any mother would).

She got through 7 stories. The ideas were very good, but in execution she lost a bit of force. I read all of her stories, and I too waited endlessly refreshing to see what comments she would get. As, obviously, I could not give.

A four, a three, 2 completely unrated and uncommented stories, and my mother had had enough. She has decided to leave ficly, and now I sit looking at the skeleton that is her profile wondering what would be had I only written:

Good story. I really felt as if I were there. 4 stars

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