Bookmark Part 1

The bookmark.

Simple, usually free, but used by millions. It saves your spot. A placeholder haphazardly thrown in to a book. For most, the bookmark has the emotional value of pocket lint. For Arthur, his bookmark meant something.

Summer job. Nearing the end of the season. Nerves are frayed and cabin fever is setting in. Lying on his bed, staring at the roof, Arthur breathed deeply and angrily. He would later classify today as one of the worst in his life; not for sadness, but for anger and frustration. Nothing that happened that day seemed to make Arthur feel better, everything acting as a catalyst for more frustration. Enter the annoying younger cousin, Ted.

“Let’s go.”, Ted ordered through the door.

{Insert questionable language here}

“Come on. Clerks 2 is playing. It’s supposed to be hilarious. It’ll make you forget about today.”
Of all people Arthur expected to take directions from, Ted was the last.

But he had a valid point.

“Fine, let’s go.”

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