Cats, Peanut Butter and Envy

They had been told to be good, and, as a preemptive measure, they had been rewarded with an early dinner. But somehow there was a feeling of distrust between the two felines.
Cats: Fickle yet compassionate creatures. Just a little daring, with an abundance of self esteem.
A high wire act on a ledge just inches from a sticky plunge. Head held high in anticipation of his flawless dismount. Little did he know of the plot to foil his performance.
Peanut butter: Sweet yet diabolically tacky.
Hiding in the darkness of the space between, our antagonist hides in wait. Lingering until the moment of his inexplicable attack.
Envy: Ugly needless urges to take from the more fortunate.
This is where it would end. The animosity had reached its pinnacle. Now was the time to strike once and for all. Silently he exited his stealthy den to deliver his justice. with one swipe of his clenched paw all would be avenged.
Upon contact the oblivious brother lost his balance and fell. Fell into the snare that would end his all favor.

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