Not Your Ordinary Can of Tuna

This was not an ordinary can of tuna.

As I pried the lid back, a luminous blue glow met my eyes. I stared harder at it, and it began to swirl. I felt attracted to it, unable to look away, and physically drawn in. Like some crazy sci-fi channel movie, I really felt myself sucked forward into the can, unable to do much more than scream.

I landed hard on my side, my head spinning and my stomach upset like I was just thrown from a speeding rollercoaster. I laid there, squeezing my eyes shut until the dizziness and pain subsided.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital bed and my own grandmother was calling my name.
“Anthony? Can you hear me?” Then she called out a name I thought I’d never hear again. “Daisy! He’s waking up!”

What’s going on? These people had died. Was I dead too?

“Oh Tony, my baby! You made it!” Daisy cooed. Even though she was my step-mom, she was the only mom I ever knew.

“Where am I?”
“You hit your head awfully hard, dear.”
“Where’s Pop?”
“Oh, he’s delusional!” tutted Grandma.

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