Year 5, Chapter 6, Part 4, Section IIX

I sat upright as only someone as accomplished as I am is able. This was a satisfactory movement for me, as my standards had finally begun to firm in their perfection. Training myself to be as superior as I am now has always been a hard task.
As I turned in bed to begin putting my feet on the floor, I wondered, for a split second about letting these tasks go and being a normal child. Once this crisis of self discovery was over I continued to twist my body and place my feet into the carefully positioned slippers at the side of my bed. This is where the trick came in. In preperation to stand, I must train myself to think what it will be like, while still remaining unmoving. But, as is indicated by my present state, I was successful. Once on my feet, the world awaited my every movement as proof that the impossible was attainable.
Being the first and only, so far, successful transformed human, I am grateful for this time as my tencity has allowed ultimate transformation to my current status. Mechanical God.

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