How Wil Wheaton Changed My Life

For my birthday every year I buy myself a gift. This past year, Star Trek (the new movie) came out two day before my birthday. So, knowing I would recieve the movie, I bought Star Trek: ToS Ssn.1. By Christmas I had finished and recieved Ssn 2&3 as gifts. Thanks to Netflix I have continued my voyages in this amazing universe. Where does Wil Wheaton come in? Memories of the Futurecast. My Zune Pass allowes me to subscribe to webcasts for free, and right now I’m up for anything Star Trek. Following Wil onto his website led me to Radio Free Burrito. In my life I have always felt alone. An outcast. But listening to Wil connects me to someone I can relate to. Following his advice has led me to some of my favorite new things, such as Ficly. His musical interests and advice on beer choices have given me new hope on subjects where I had all but given up. At last, one person I can rely on to help me with my good days and make me laugh on my bad. Thank you Wil Wheaton. From me and my wife, don’t ever stop. (ding)

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