Open Arms

She gazed at the screen, reading the text but not really seeing the words. Her mind was racing through every variant, every avenue she could think of to save it. But she met obstacles and roadblocks at every turn. There was nothing she could do.

Resignedly, she faced a bleaker world without it. Would the knowledge, the excitement, encouragement and wisdom she had grown used to getting from total strangers be missed? The answer: a resounding yes. Even as time passed, she still thought about it and wished for it’s return.

Until one day, she received a hidden message. “Behold! We are returning!” it said. “Would you like to come and play?”

Without hesitation, she shouted a joyous “YES!” and rushed home as fast as she could, dying to log in and play to her heart’s content. The words poured out faster than she could type. Websites come and go… such is life online. But when a beloved one returns – better than ever – it is welcomed with triumphant open arms. And fast fingers.

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