When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 2

A black clunker pulled up into the drive, Aiden waved All Time Low blaring out of his speakers. “Jump in Cuppycake, we do have school and I have an attendance record to keep.” He yelled as I dragged my feet to the car. My messenger bag “accidentally” smacked him in the face as I chucked it in the back seat.

I got to my locker and threw my stuff in and grabbed my dance bag.
The gym was packed when I got in there, Madame G walked in with her trusty boom-box.
The douche basketball players walked through acting like they were bad ass. They looked the girls up and down seeing who they wanted in their bed that night. I sat in a corner doodling in my sketch pad my fire red hair surrounded my face.
The head douche-bag swaggered his “fancy ass” over towards me and grabbed my sketch book.

“Oooo look boys we have an artist in the house.” Andrew said as he tossed it to another guy. “Give it to me unless you want to end up in a hospital.” I growled my pale skin turning red with rage. My fist balled.

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