Bloody Paws

I raced upstairs to my room. Paul was right behind me. I yanked the door open, and we started grabbing guns. I grabbed a lever action rife, and 2 9mms. Paul just grabbed his hunting shotgun.
Thump thump thump.
We turned around to find that Coco, our tabby, just came up the stairs. I sighed in relief. I started walking forward to pet her, but Paul stopped me.
“Look at her mouth,” he said. I did, and I saw the blood. A silent tear escaped my eyes.
“Oh Coco,” I whispered. Coco lifted her head, and sniffed. Then she sprinted towards us. I screamed and jumped on my bed. Paul tried to shoot Coco. He missed. Then Coco tried to bit paul, but he hit the with his gun. Coco flew threw the air, and slammed into the wall.
The Paul exhaled in pain. I looked down at his ankle, and saw bloody marks.

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