When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 3

My arm furled back as my anger swelled. I swung out and felt bone crush underneath my fist. I hit his nose perfectly, broken. Madame G walked over to the fracas and shoved us apart. “What is going on here?!” She asked stupidly. “Afternoon tea, what does it look like?” A boy with long blonde hair spoke up as he stepped in front of me. I shoved him out of my way. “Look Blondie, this is my fight, not yours. SCRAM!” I shouted, everyone dispersed. HE stood back up and glared over at us. Madame G grabbed both mine and douche’s arms and dragged us into the principal’s office.
“Ms. Anderson, Mr. Smith pleasure to see you in my office….again.” Mr. McDougland said. I slouched down in my seat. Cj sat there and flashed a bright grin proud of his punishment to come.
“What happened?” Mr. McD. asked.
“He stole my sketch pad.”
“She obviously broke my nose.” Cj said smiling.
“Ms.Anderson.” He let out a big huff, “why do you continue to ruin your chances at college by getting into trouble.” I just shrugged and shrank.

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